Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Snapshot - Summer of 1934, Interesting Clothes

This is a snapshot taken in the summer of 1934, probably with an inexpensive camera.  It is about 3.5 x 5 inches, but someone trimmed the edges at some point.  There is more information about the person - his name, and the fact that he died at some point - on the back.  There is no information about the location or why he's dressed this way.

People buy snapshots for lots of reasons.  Sometimes it's the fashion, sometimes it's an interesting location, lots of times it because of what I call "accidental art".  Most of the people who took snapshots were (and are) amateurs with cheap cameras who want nothing more than a remembrance of something.  Sometimes what they come up with is very interesting.

Well this one is quirky, sort of.  A man is standing on some steps leading to what is probably a very nice house, perhaps a clubhouse, leaning back on a railing, and wearing a rather unusual outfit.  (Men don't usually wear outfits, but I'll make an exception here).   The over all impression is that he's a person of above average means. 

We've had this photo listed for quite a while, with no takers.  But it's a little odd & things like this tend to catch someones eye eventually.


  1. It's not an unusual outfit - it is the typical golf outfit for men at the time. The pants are called "plus-fours" tho they seem a bit baggier than the pictures I have seen. Perhaps you should market it to folks who collect all things golf related. You can find a lot of images HERE

  2. Grace - thanks for the info, I think I will take your advice. I thought they may have been golf clothes (cause I know they dress funny sometimes) but I wasn't sure. Thanks again, much appreciated!