Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sammelwerk Nr. 9 - A wedding in Augsburg


This is the front and back of a very small picture, and I'm really not sure how to categorize it, eBay wise.  

They are German, and are all "Sammelwerk Nr. 9".  Sammelwerk is a collective work, and if I'm reading the German correctly on back there are 300 of these in 5 groups (34 thru 38).   I believe these are miniatures from selected artists, and that they all appear in a book somewhere, but I might just be making that up.  A bit of wishful translation thinking.

Anyway. These are all 2.75 x 3.25 inches, so they're rather small.  Most are signed, (not autographed, big difference) but I cannot read the signature.  Almost all of them have paper missing on the back - they appear to have been glued into a scrapbook at some point.  The only thing that changes on the back printing wise, are the picture number, the title, it's group, and the broad time period in which the scene takes place.  Everything else on the back is the same for all of them.

They all depict scenes of daily life in Germany over a period of 5 centuries.  We have about 30 of the 300, and eventually they'll all get listed.  

Its just we're not really sure what category to put them in.  They could be considered trade cards, but they are not from the Victorian era, they're newer.  But I honestly don't know how new or how old.  And everything's in German, and though I know a smattering of German and I have access to online translators, translations can still become an issue.   On this particular one, the title is Burgertrauung in Augsburg.  Well I'm pretty sure Trauung is a wedding, and I think Burger has to do with cities, so is this a civil wedding ceremony?  Not sure.  The translator didn't help me out much.  Augsburg is a city near and dear to my heart, btw, not too far from Munich. 

So these are neat, but something new for us.  New things are always weird.

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  1. I think you did a great job of describing this. I wouldn't know how to categorize it either.