Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dirigible Flying Over Lower Manhattan Linen Postcard

This is a linen postcard showing the lower Manhattan Skyline in New York City.  What I find interesting is the dirigible flying overhead.  There are lots of Manhattan Skyline postcards out there, from all eras, but not so many with dirigibles in them, and that makes this card kind of neat.

This card has the look of a white border (about 1918-32), but when you look closely, and tilt it a little, you see the ridges, so it's a linen card (about 1932-52).  I wonder if this was printed from an image originally used on white border cards.  I've seen old linens reprinted on chromes before, so it's possible a white border could be reprinted on a linen. 


  1. What a stunning postcard! I had to Google what a dirigible was and see that zeppelins were a type of dirigible. Surely that postcard must be worth something??

  2. I like the card a lot, I personally think it's great, but it's probably not worth a whole lot. Postcards -with some exceptions- generally arent worth a lot tho their price does seem to be increasing, slowly but surely. I priced this one at $5.99 in our eBay store. Thanks for your comment!