Thursday, June 9, 2011

Snapshot Men on Motorcycles, Summer of 1938

This is a small snapshot of 4 men and their bikes. On the back someone has handwritten "Summer of 1938".   The two bikes on the right appear to be Harley Knuckleheads (either '37 or '38) - you can see the roll bars on them.  The one on the extreme left may also be a Harley, but the one right next to it is probably something else. 

The photo has lots of creasing, but it's still an interesting image.  Old time Harleys in the field, raising a ruckus no doubt.

Update:  Sold!


  1. this is a fabulous photo!!! I'll have to show it to my husband! he owns a 1948 harley and a 1948 triumph! this is right up hs "happy alley" !! love your blog and i've signed to follow!

  2. my husband thinks they are all Harleys! he LOVED this photo!

  3. Thanks for your comments & for following. I too like this photo a lot!