Thursday, July 28, 2011

45 Star Embossed USA Flag, 1906 Postcard

One of eBay's categories for postcards on the USA site is "patriotic", and this certainly fits in that category.  This is a standard/sized postcard of a 45 star American Flag, postmarked in Boston, Massachusetts in 1906.  The waves in the flag are embossed, giving it both physical and visual depth.  This card also has an undivided back, meaning it was created at a time only the address (no messages) were allowed on back.  The back of this one has the postmark and an address, but no other information.  No indication of who sent it.

There is a very faded poem written above the flag, and some other information written at the bottom of the card.

It was sent to an address in Greenland, New Hampshire.  There's still a post office there, I looked it up.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Castle San Angelo in Rome - Antique Postcard

This is an old postcard of the Castle San Angelo in Rome.   It is an undivided back card, which mean it was made in the very early years of the 20th century - probably before 1905.  This is an Italian card - all the captions and other information printed on it is in Italian, except for one French translation telling you that this is indeed, an Italian postcard.

I'm pretty sure the caption translates "Rome - Bridge and Castle San Angelo".  I've actually been there, and it still looks very much like this picture, except it's in color.

This structure was originally built about 1900 years ago as a tomb for Emperors of Rome, and was later fortified and used as a safe haven for Popes.  Its not far from St. Peters, and I believe there is a tunnel leading from the Vatican to the Castle.  When it was built, I'm pretty sure they didn't call it Castle San Angelo. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ketchikan, Alaska, Eagle & Raven Totems Postcard

This is a standard/chrome postcard showing a couple of totems from Ketchikan, Alaska.  The back of the postcard says these are eagle & raven totems, and that's about all I know about it.

There is an address of the manufacturer on back, in the format of "Berkeley 2, Calif.".  This type of address was used pre-zip code days, from about 1943 to early 1963.  I can tell just by looking at the card that it was most likely made in the 1950s or later.  The card is probably over 50 years old.

Update: Sold!