Saturday, December 22, 2012

Comic Postcard - Boarding House Table Manners

I like postcards for lots of reasons - sometimes they provide views of things that don't exist anymore, sometimes, especially in the case of comics, they're a little odd. 
This is a nice colorful comic postcard, postmarked in 1913 - the state is Florida, but I can't read the city - addressed to Miss Nellie Herford, Marshall, MO., in care of Ben Hur Stock Farms.  The men in the postcard are embossed.
This card shows what is probably a sleazy character trying to get in good with whoever is top dog a a boarding house, with instructions on how to get a better selection of food.  Is it a comment on the human condition?  Probably not.  But for some reason I like it.
This looks like it may be part of a whole series of cards of this nature, but I don't know that for sure. 


  1. Definitely a series - google 'Boarding House manners postcards" - aside from the ones on sale at various sites I didn't find any history or background on them - but did see 3 or 4 different prices range from 3.50 to 12.95!

  2. I thought it was part of a series, probably buried in my subconscious are memories of others I've seen in times past. $12.95 seems a bit much...