Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cabinet Photo of a Teen-aged Girl with long Hair from Easton Pennsylvania

There is nothing unusual about this Cabinet Photo, I just like it.  It's a formal studio portrait of a teen aged girl,  standing with her hand on one of those fancy couches whose name I can never remember.  She has quite long hair draped over her right shoulder.  Her dress is not even quite ankle length, which, along with the way she's wearing her hair, was probably an indicator of youth and an unmarried status at the time (probably 1870s).

The photographer was McCabe, located at 429 Northampton Street, Easton, PA.  I was not able to find out any specific information about the photographer, and there is nothing to indicate who the subject of the photo was.  It's just a nice picture.


  1. I am always fascinated at the great range of prices for these items - I saw 2 cabinet photos on eBay by this photographer, from around the same period, one selling for I think $30 and the other for something like $26...and then one on a different site for $2.99. There were a lot of McCabes in that part of PA in the1870's, and still are even now.

  2. Pricing is frequently all over the place. Unless there is something special about the photo - famous person, place, etc, pricing seems to be whatever you think you can get for it.