Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Swedish Easter Witches - Hildur Soderberg

This is a fun postcard from Sweden.  Glad Pask! = Happy Easter, and those are witches flying airplanes over a city.  Apparently Easter Witches are a part of Swedish folklore.

This card was signed by Hildur Soderberg, and I believe he did a series of these.  This is the only one I have, but I'm sure I've seen others.

I'm not exactly sure of the dating on this card, but it looks early 20th century - pre-1918 - to me.  There is a message on back (in Swedish I think), and it is addressed, but it was never mailed.

Update:  This one sold!


  1. It's a wonderful card and an illustration that could just as easily be modern.

  2. Thank you, I agree & I like this card alot!