Sunday, December 4, 2011

This is a linen postcard advertising Krieg Brothers Chevrolet, out on US Highway 79 in Thrall, Texas.  Thrall is a small town 35 miles or so north of Austin.  If you'd like a little history of Thrall (including a present day view of Krieg Bros Chevrolet), you can check out this site:

Linen cards were made from around 1930 to 1952, and I'd say this card is from near the end of that era, probably early 1950s.  I like that it advertises a specific business in a specific place, something that people around there remember.  I don't know the whole history of the business, but I'm pretty sure it not longer exists.  You look at a business like this, the impressive building, the activity, the people employed, customers coming and going and you think it'll be around forever.  Nope.

Also what is neat about this card is its condition.  This is a card which is at least 60 years old, and it still has sharp corners, bright colors, no damage or marks that I can see.  I'm extremely cautious about saying a card is in mint condition, but this one is close.  It is in much better condition than most cards from that era.

If you're interested in going to the listing for it just go to our eBay site and search for Thrall - you'll find it.
Update: Sold!

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  1. This business was owned by my great grandpa and his brothers. They were German settlers in Texas. I have not seen this card in years and no the business does not exist anymore.