Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1960s Holiday Inn Advertising Postcard

This is a standard/chrome postcard advertising the Holiday Inn motel chain.  From the looks of the cars and so on I'd say it's from the 1960s.

Postcards advertising hotels, motels, restaurants and other places of business are very common, and postcards advertising Holiday Inns are as common as dirt.  But I like this one - it is very subliminal, which I suppose is a goal of a lot of advertising.

In this card there is an airplane, cars (one looks like a mid-60s Ford Fairlane, but I could be wrong), a Gulf gasoline station, a bunch of happy, good looking, decent, hard working white people kicking up their heels around a swimming pool, and even a trashcan to get rid of anything used, unhealthy or unpleasant.  The marketing people thought of everything.  The trashcan was a stroke of genius, no question about it.

The whole thing exudes safety, convenience, happiness and a natural destination for those traveling by plane or auto, a good place for families.   I suppose if you're traveling by Greyhound bus, you were out of luck.

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Update:  Sold!

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  1. That is a cool Holiday Inn postcard. I prefer those painted ones than the computer generated postcards we have nowadays.