Monday, September 5, 2011

CBS Columbia Square Hollywood California Standard/Chrome Postcard

This is a standard/chrome postcard of the CBS building in Columbia Square, Hollywood, California.  Radio station KNX studios were there.

What I like about this postcard are the three cars - the solid green one and the two 2-tones.   I'm not up on my automotive history so I can't really say what year, make or model these are, but they scream late 1950s.  Back when cars were made of steel, back when they didn't have seat belts or a thousand other saftey systems we take for granted today, back when if you hit something while driving there was a good chance somebody was going to die. 

These three cars were everyday vehicles, nothing special about them, anybody who had a job and wanted one could buy one.  They were big, solid, powerful machines, with V8 engines and lots of horsepower.  They just don't make them like this anymore.

I digress.  I don't know the exact date of this card, but I assume it's from the late 1950s, because of the type of card it is & the way the cars look.   In the original card, the colors are a bit sharper than what I have displayed here.  It is very hard to get everything exact, no matter if you use a scanner, or like me, a digital camera and a light box.  In the original, the sky is a dark rich blue, and I can't reproduce that without putting everything else out of whack.  It's the limitation of digital photography, my freeware photo editing software and my abilities, but I do the best I can.

Update: Sold!


  1. this is a wonderful postcard. I believe it is mid to late 50"s!!
    i grew up within 20 miles of Hollywood..spent lots of time there as a kid and young adult!!
    I love the style of this postcard..the colors!!

  2. Thank you - I like it too. I agree, it's mid to late 1950s & I like the cars.